Friday, February 09, 2007

Primal Parkour

It turns out that one of the few gyms in the US that offers classes in Parkour is in DC, not terribly far from Team Grondul World Headquarters. The gym is Primal Fitness, an affiliate of CrossFit run by two traceurs* who feel that CrossFit is the best conditioning program for Parkour. Both of these guys are prominent in the American Parkour community and friendly dudes to boot. Plus, since we all have pretty much the same haircut, how could I resist? So, on the last couple of Sartuday mornings,** I've been heading into the District to clamber up walls, over barriers, and along monkey bars like a fourth-grader at recess. It's been great fun.

* Practitioners of Parkour.
** The weeknight classes are impractical for me to attend.

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