Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The cutest infestation ever...., shockingly, NOT Koalas. It turns out it's Bichons! We went to a Bichon meetup last weekend and Newton had SO much fun. It was interesting...even though they all probably looked pretty much alike to most people, we had no problem picking Newton out of the crowd and it wasn't just by the color of his collar, either. ;) Clearly these dogs were not all show dogs...I kind of wondered if they would have all been much less distinguishable had they all been groomed the same way and perfect in terms of the breed standard, or if we still would have known which one was our Newton.

Anyway, enough of my random musings...on to the pictures! I must confess that I did not take these. There was a guy there who had a really nice camera and clearly knew how to use it as evidenced by these great pics! There were very few of Newton with all four feet on the ground. Enjoy!

Newton's patented quick direction changes help him win at chase!

Chase me! Chase me! C' me!

I'm gonna get you! I can almost reach your tail!

Just runnin' around...

Two dogs to chase is even better than one!

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