Saturday, July 05, 2008

PR: Pull-Up-Per-Minute Thing

For various reasons, I did Thursday's workout of the day on Friday. Thursday's WOD was one of the more unusual ones that show up frequently: you perform 1 pull-up during the first minute, 2 during the second, and so on, until you can't complete the prescribed number in 1 minute. Sadly, this workout doesn't have a name, so I call it the Pull-Up-Per-Minute Thing for concision.

As you can probably imagine, making "just" 1 minute of progress on this WOD is quite challenging, since each minute is more difficult than the last. That's why I feel quite proud that I managed to complete 19 minutes yesterday, just 1 more than my previous best. Unfortunately, I made that progress through improved tactis, rather than improved fitness. Pacing yourself if crucial to scoring highly.

Given how I felt at the end, I doubt I'll be able to do 20 minutes next time. Perhaps I'll shoot for 19 minutes plus 15 reps.

Update: That's 190 pull-ups, total. No wonder my biceps just wouldn't work the next day.

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