Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Revenge of the Howl

Remember the video I posted a while ago of Newton howling along with an ambulance? Although the audio was cute, it was dark and you couldn't actually see him. So, admittedly, it was more like an audio file.

Well, tonight I got actual video of Newton howling along with a police car. There was some kind of disturbance in our apartment complex that required the presence of a fire truck, at least one police car, and at least 2 ambulances. I did see one person get loaded into an ambulance while I was sitting out on the balcony with my dog and my camera. (Hmm...in retrospect, that might have looked kinda insensitive and/or creepily intrusive. No, no! I swear! I'm just trying to get video of my dog howling!) I'm guessing (and hoping) that it ended up not being too serious because nobody seemed to be in much of a rush and none of the ambulances left with their sirens on. Anyway, all of the siren activity when the emergency vehicles first arrived got Newton singing, so here he is...our little American Canine Idol!

Please note the brand spankin' new hairdo (he was just groomed today). Also, I think my favorite part of the video is at the end when he looks back at me like, "Oh! Gosh! You're still there, huh?" It's like he was singing in the shower 'cause he thought he was alone and then realized he had an audience. Hee!

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  1. Must. Get. Sound. Working.

    I cannot wait to hear this one. :)