Monday, April 23, 2007

Black and Blue Man

This weekend was a mixed bag for me:
  • On Saturday morning, during my Parkour class, I landed a front handspring* off a vault poorly and badly sprained my left ankle.
  • On Saturday night, Alison and I went in to Baltimore to see the Blue Man Group perform. The performance was terribly entertaining.**
Unfortunately, the good part of the weekend did not cancel out the bad, since I'm still hobbling about, and my exercise plans for at least the next week have been dramatically altered. In particular, now that the spring has finally arrived, I've gotten re-excited about cycling, so Alison and I had planned to ride on Sunday, which didn't happen. I'm hoping I'll be well enough to climb onto the fixie by next weekend.

* Technically not part of Parkour.
** You should definitely see them if you have the opportunity.

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