Friday, April 06, 2007

Trying Something New

Hello everyone! I have found a new way to procrastinate doing my dissertation proposal. A friend recently introduced me to a super funny blog by a woman who, among other things, knits as a hobby. I will totally put this blog on my recommendations list as soon as I figure out how to edit the template code in the new Blogger. Reading her blog is, of course, yet another excellent procrastination tool...I laughed out loud several times.

Anyway, for whatever reason, the idea of trying to knit something has totally facinated me for about a week now. So, last night I broke down and went and bought some yarn and needles as well as a book and I now have about 4 inches of what I imagine will one day be a scarf. Knitting is not as easy as one might think! I had to re-start about nine hundred times because I had big holes in my scarf or I had somehow accumulated extra stitches. Anyway, we'll see how long this hobby lasts. Of course, I have decided to start this up right as it's getting warm. Because everyone needs a wool blend scarf in the summer! *sigh*


  1. Yay! New hobbies are a great way to procrastinate.

  2. I added a link to the blog in question, Crazy Aunt Purl, to the Adverts section of the right column.