Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lookie What I Made!

Just in time for the new season known as "Second Winter", I have made two scarves! Check it out:

This was my very first knitting project. I only had to start it, like, a hundred times before I figured out what I was doing. I also learned that things knitted in this particular pattern (called "stockinette"...I have no clue why) tend to roll up. Oh well! I kinda like that it's all roll-y.

This is my second project. I attempted to re-create Crazy Aunt Purl's magic scarf. This was hard because it involved counting and not getting distracted by the TV. Still, I muddled through and it looks pretty cool I think.

Check out the up-close uber-cool basketweave action:

So, the knitting is going swimmingly except for one thing. Newton has decided that he LOVES yarn. It's his new favorite toy. He must have it. Now! It's hard to learn to do something new, but perhaps doubly so when you have to do it while trying to keep an exuberant puppy from constantly interfering. *sigh*

Oh, incidentally, that's the noise Newton makes when he finally gives up trying to eat my yarn for five whole seconds and instead sulks on the floor in front of the couch, giving me very, very sad puppy eyes that say, "Fine, Mrs. Meanie...just keep all the fun yarns for yourself! I'll just lie here and be miserable without any delicious yarns." *sigh*

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