Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Drive Repoed?

Variety and other web sites are reporting that the Minear-created, Fillion-lead, illegal-road-race series Drive has been canceled by Fox, after only 4 episodes where broadcast and less than 2 weeks after the show premiered. Instead, the network will broadcast reruns of House. This scenario reminds me strongly of when Fox canceled Wonderfalls after transmitting only 4 eps in two different time slots and replaced it with reruns of The Swan. I'm also reminded of how Fox canceled Firefly after airing 11 episodes out of order. I mean, how can you tell if a show is worth broadcasting in that short a time?

I think I'm going to add the word "Fox" to the list of profanities I won't post to this blog. I also predict that Minear and Fillion will join Joss Whedon in his vow never to work with that network again.

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