Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Now that Hybrid is Fit! But Does it Fit?

Today I read this TreeHugger article about the cheap Honda hybrid sports car I mentioned yesterday. Said article directed me to another on the same site about the potential Fit Hybrid. This article's source's source claims that there will indeed be a hybrid Fit in the 2008 model year, and that the drivetrain will be based on the Civic Hybrid's. Furthermore, it appears that the price premium for the hybrid version won't be too onerous.

You are most likely aware, gentle reader, that I'm quite attracted to small, sporty cars. (If not, click on the "cars" subject to the right, and you will quickly get the picture.) You may even know that I've never owned a car with more than two truly usable seats. However, it's quite likely that, when I purchase my next automobile, I will bow to practicality and select one with four seats and ample cargo space. If nothing else, it should make hauling some subset of our bikes around easier.* Based on some research in Consumer Reports, my preference for small cars, and the low-low price, the Fit has found its way to the top of my practical-car wish-list. Today's news makes the Fit Hybrid number one with a bullet.

*For the record, I've had two people, two bikes, and two days worth of luggage in the CRX. I've also had four people and no bikes or luggage in it. It holds a surprising amount of stuff.

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