Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Make Room on the Schedule

Speaking of F*x canceling series, here's the gag that opened the first new episode of Family Guy after it was uncanceled by the network:
PETER: Everybody I've got bad news. We've been canceled.

LOIS: Oh no Peter! How could they do that?

PETER: Well unfortunately Lois, there's just no more room on the schedule. We just gotta accept the fact that Fox has to make room for terrific shows like Dark Angel, Titus, Undeclared, Action, That 80's Show, Wonderfalls, Fast Lane, Andy Richter Controls The Universe, Skin, Girl's Club, Cracking Up, The Pitts, Firefly, Get Real, Freaky Links, Wanda At Large, Costello, The Lone Gunmen, A Minute with Stan Hooper, Normal Ohio, Pasadena, Harsh Realm, Keen Eddy, The Street, American Embassy, Cedric The Entertainer, The Tick, Louie, and Greg The Bunny....

LOIS: Is there no hope?

PETER: Well I suppose if ALL those shows go down the tubes we might have a shot.

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