Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rant: Large Vehicles in Compact-Only Spaces

You know what really grinds my gears? People who park large vehicles in parking spaces marked "compact car only." At the lab where I work, the lot I use nearly fills up during big meetings. During those times, I can sometimes park my car in a compact-only space. I believe that if any vehicle is allowed to use tsuch a parking spot, my 2-seat, 2000-ish-pound Honda CRX is. If all the compact spaces are taken by smallish cars, I figure it's my own fault for arriving at work so late, and I park a in a distant spot without complaint. The other day, I arrived at the lab to find a Ford Explorer in my favorite compact-only space. Yes, a 4-door, mid-sized SUV shoved onto---not into---a space clearly labeled "compact car only." I'm guessing that the driver either is fully aware that his truck is far from small and is simply a selfish jerk---this is the more likely scenario, in my opinion---or his other vehicle is something like a Hummer H2, so, to him, the Explorer is compact.

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