Monday, November 05, 2007

Curse You, Joss Whedon!

Thanks to Nick and Amy's ongoing generosity with their DVD collection, Alison and I finished watching the entirety of Angel tonight. Sigh.


  1. That it ended after S5 still makes me mad; after the charlie foxtrot that was S4, S5 was just so much better that the only solution was to kill the show dead. Stupid networks. I hope they choke on their dang writer's strike.

  2. I know. Many things about S5 were so much more interesting:

    The new, game-changing setup.
    The absence of the kid.
    The addition of my personal favorite vampire with a soul.
    The change to Amy Acker's character and her relationship to Wesley.

    I really would have liked to see where the story went after Not Fade Away. I guess I'll be reading Angel: After the Fall, the canonical comics continuation or CCC (TM).

  3. I'd be tempted by the Angel comics, but the bad taste left in my mouth sheer horribleness of the Buffy S8 comics reminds me to avoid them.