Friday, November 30, 2007

A New Gift-giving Occasion!

I was poking around on this gift ideas site for Christmas ideas for my extended family. It's kind of a cool put in the category of recipient (man, woman, teen, family, etc) and the gift-giving occasion (Christmas, birthday, graduation, etc) and it comes up with some pretty nifty ideas. However, there is a gift-giving occasion that I was not aware of - "Breakup/Divorce". I never really thought that the end of a marriage was a gift-giving occasion, but OK. You know I had to click on it. So, here are the gifts that, apparently, are appropriate to give a newly single person. I knew I had to post when I saw this idea, the third on the list.

What are these people smoking?


  1. They are thinking, "How can we get consumers to spend more money at our store?" That's what.

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    As you know, I am finally qualified to judge the divorce presents... so here goes!

    I was actually more disturbed by the boyfriend arm pillow than the veneral disease plush set. And who wouldn't be slightly offended at receiving the crazy cat lady figurine? As for the ring coffin...?! I have no words.