Sunday, November 25, 2007

OK, NOW I am ready.... get into the Christmas spirit! I get annoyed every year that the Christmas season seems to keep starting earlier and earlier. I kid you not, I went to the store to find some Halloween decorations for our party this year, and they were GONE, replaced by Christmas stuff. This was a FULL WEEK before Halloween! Insanity.

Anyway, now that Thanksgiving is over and the leftovers are becoming less and less appealing, I am ready to start thinking about Christmas. Michael and I drug out our decorations this year and put up our little 5 foot artificial tree. I know, I know...sacrilege, right? However, I am an allergy sufferer and I have vivid mucous-tinged childhood memories of the one year my family got a real tree. It was bad. Michael, however, loves plants and we both fell in love with this tiny little potted spruce tree at Lowe's. So...we decided that Newton needed his own tree this year. Also, please note our non-traditional (but super cute!) stockings.

I think he likes it, don't you?

And here he is, posing in his lovely hand-knit (by me!) Christmas sweater. I hope Muffy doesn't read the blog or else she'll ruin her Christmas surprise...guess who else is getting one? ;) Oh, incidentally, we just got him groomed and we have a whole lot less dog that we thought we did this morning. He's a skinny little thing!

Well, I hope that gets you in the holiday-season mood! I'm off to go eat some more leftovers.

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  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I also got out my new fake Xmas tree, a bit more obnoxious at 6.5 feet. But I'm excited and since my mom is visiting this year (also an allergy sufferer), it seemed like the right choice.

    So sometime this week (maybe tonight), I will be getting out the rest of my decorations. While I eat leftovers :) Maybe I'll even put on a holiday movie just for good measure! If only I were as industrious with my gift-buying...