Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nothing Fails Like Prayer

My former overlord, Masta, just brought this piece of news to my attention. Sonny Perdue, the Governor of Georgia, where I lived two states ago and which is currently in a drought, is holding a service at the Capitol building to pray for rain. That's right, not only is he clearly endorsing religion, but he is also using state funds to pay for this shindig. Plus, he seems to expect it to actually work. Holy flurking schnit.

I'm sure George Bush is quite proud.


  1. I can't help but think that would be money better spent on implementing measures to control greenhouse gas emissions or SOMETHING to influence climate change.

    Also, does anyone else find it amusing that the one thing that brings Michael to the brink of swearing is religion? Ironic, no?

  2. I must admit that this kind of establishment of religion irritates me, but I mostly chose this particular faux swear because of the ironic use of the word "holy." Plus, I always enjoy Simpsons references.

  3. Clearly the idiot example of apparent inbreeding that runs Georgia just needs an appropriate sacrifice, like a goddamn no-good hippie liberal secular humanist, to burn as an offering to Yaweh to get the rains started again.

    Either that, or he can just grow the frak up.