Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My good friend Swandiver has turned me on to the Hungry Girl website. It's awesome! It is basically a well put-together site about dieting and food. I know that sounds not-so-thrilling, but basically it is a guide to finding healthier alternatives to your favorite foods either at the grocery store or at restaurants.

Much of the stuff on there is common sense for anyone who has any nutritional sense/dieting experience, but it has introduced me to some products I wasn't aware of. For example, check out this post on pizza. I love the Amy's Organics frozen spinach pizza, but I have a hard time limiting my portion to a reasonable size when I make a whole one. That post introduced me to the pocket sandwich version, which uses the same filling and crust recipe, but is packaged into a much more reasonable single-serve size. Thanks, Hungry Girl!

Also, there are some recipes on the site that offer slimmed-down alternatives to restaurant food or traditional high-calorie foods. For example, for lunch today I had her version of Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Supreme. It was very good! It was so good, I ate two of them and it was still fewer points (I follow Weight Watchers) than had I eaten the real thing.

Speaking of Weight Watchers, it seems that is Hungry Girl's nutrition plan of choice, too. Accordingly, she posts the points value for all of the foods on her website in addition to the traditional nutrition information.

So, girls (and's ostensibly for women, but there is nothing specifically feminine about the content of the site...of course, the look of the site is quite girly, but I'm sure you manly men can get over that), I highly recommend you go check it out!

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