Monday, August 11, 2008

Gears of Conflict Resolution

Fans of the rather violent game Gears of War might enjoy the latest Penny Arcade.


  1. The low-violence mode might be a hilarious way to play the game. Drawing-room xclamations like, "Goodness, thank you for the kind gift!" from a Locust when you land a grenade stick could greatly enliven the experience.

    Maybe they should go whole hog, and reskin the opponents. Who wouldn't like to get mauled to death by a swarm of pretty butterflies, or take a grenade launched from the horn of a noble unicorn?

  2. Nick,

    You paint a hilarious picture. I certainly wouldn't miss being mauled by lambent wretches reskinned as puppies puking rainbows.

    Incidentally, I've never really learned to stick grenades to my opponents, perhaps because I've never worked on it. Something for me to keep in mind when Gears 2 reaches our door. Did I tell you we pre-ordered it?

    It looks like our Rock Band party might be next Saturday afternoon night. Are you available?