Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nissan Murano Convertible?

Usually, my "Who ordered that?" tag is deployed against the entertainment industry, most frequently for pointless sequels, unwanted adaptations, or unnecessary remakes. This time, I'm pulling out that tag for a vehicle. Specifically the Nissan Murano convertible. I mean what focus group convinced Nissan there was a market for a drop-top SUV?


  1. "Who ordered that?" was my response to the hardtop version; at this point, the convertible just seems like the icing on the cake: the ridiculous, cakewrecks-esque icing design applied to the horse-excrement flavored cake, that is.

  2. Your comment made me say "guagh" and make a face. Thanks. I'm sure Alison will enjoy your CakeWrecks reference.