Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome Ash and Finny

I'm about three weeks late reporting it, but, as predicted, Ashley has moved to Maryland to begin her career as a high-school history teacher. She and her mother arrived on Friday, and on Saturday, Ashley, Sharon, Alison, and I all set off to buy Ashley's first car.

Alison and I had decided that the Honda Fit was the best vehicle for Ash, and she had reached the same conclusion herself. She had also decided on on a trim level (Sport), the options she wanted (principally an automatic transmission), and even the color (Blackberry Pearl). In this era of high fuel prices, the frugal Fit, which is also roomy, cleverly designed, fun-to-drive, and award-winning, is selling as fast as Honda can ship them from Japan. The dealership nearest Ashley's apartment didn't have the exact Fit she wanted. She called a second dealer and found one in Virginia, but it was sold in the time it took us to drive there. We finally got to drive the exact car in question at the third dealer, but when we got back from the test drive, an identical car had just been sold and was being prepped to be taken home by its new owner. So, after all that, we didn't feel that we had as much negotiating leverage as we would have liked. Still, I think Ash got a good, but not spectacular, deal on her new vehicle, which she has decided to name Phineas Fit.

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