Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I set a new PR on CrossFit Total a few days ago: 723 pounds, which is a 3-lb improvement. That performance included a 290-lb squat and a 323-lb deadlift, both PRs. However, I looked more closely at the CFT specs, and I found that a squat to parallel with the floor is called for. I've been doing my squats to a 90-degree knee bend, which is a commonly used stopping point, but isn't quite as deep as parallel to the floor. As anyone who has done squats can tell you, the difficulty becomes a very strong function of depth in the last few inches. Thus, I expect my squat and CFT numbers to drop significantly next time. Oh well.

I didn't reach 323 on my deadlift workout last night. 305 seemed like all I could manage, and I was scheduled to do 7 sets of 1, so I stopped there. In retrospect, I should have tried 325 at least once. Deadlifts are always really difficult, even submaximal ones. I often find that I can do more than I thought. I didn't remember that last night, so that workout represents a lost opportunity. On the upside, I didn't re-injure my back, despite the cumulative 2100 pounds of dealifting.

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