Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Black Sheep: 27 Gears Could Be OK Too

Single-speed mountain bikers represent a subculture within mountain-biking, which itself is a subset of cycling. As a result, SS MTBs aren't generally stocked by shops, especially examples in my size (usually the smallest or second smallest manufactured). However, geared MTBs with similar or identical geometry are stocked. Even my size is often available, if I don't specify a model. So, in the process of trying gearies for size, I came across a a 2004 Cannondale F2000 SL, in my size. Because it had sat on the floor, unsold, for 2 years, it was marked down by about 25 %. It was kitted out with an Optimo Mountain frame, a nice Headshok fork, Shimano XT and XTR components (including XT hydraulic disc brakes), and tubless wheels/tires. Plus, it was painted a very cool matte black. So, after much encouragement from my bride-to-be, I decided that it represented a fast and cost-effective way for me to get back into mountain-biking, and I bought it. Thus, this bike is by far the larges impulse purchase of my life. I've decide to name this bicycle the Black Sheep, since my 2 road bikes (and Alison's own) almost certainly look down their noses at it, thinking it an uncouth, inelegant, country bumpkin. Plus, it's black.

Here are some photos of the bike with the few modifications I've made:

I still haven't given up on my single-speeding plans, just postponed them.

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