Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rant: Drivers Endangering Cyclists AGAIN

I forgot to mention that, in the evening of the same day that I almost got hit by the school bus in the morning, I had another close call with another large vehicle. Mike, Chris, and I were heading back toward my house after a group ride. We were riding in that order and more-or-less single-file on the campus of a local community college, where the speed limit is around 20 mi/hr, when an Expedition-sized SUV blew past us on our left and then immediately turned right just in front of us. The truck turned sharply enough that I could see that it almost completely unweighted the right-side tires. Mike, who was riding in front was just a couple of feet from being flattened and was, therefore, irate. I was none too please myself.

By the way, Chris took the opportunity to tell us the story of how he was once almost run over by an ambulance. Oh, the irony.

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