Thursday, May 04, 2006


Brian's suggestion that he is a peerless couch-on-lyer reminded me of my dad's use of "potato," short for "couch potato," as a verb:
potato, verb. To relax lazily, especially while supine on a couch or recliner, and often while watching TV or reading.
Here's an example: Alison was out of town, so I potatoed all weekend long.


  1. Oh I'm definately working this into the rotation. I say we make potato just like "smurf".

    "How are you feeling today"
    "Oh, a little potatoish"

    "My fellow potatoes and I potatoed all day in a very potatoish manner."

  2. Actually, for me, "laser" sometimes works a bit like "smurf." Given my job, when I can't think of the noun I'm looking for, "laser" often comes out instead:

    Michael: Can you hand me, laser?
    Nick: What, you mean this modulator?

    Michael: Turn on the laser.
    Ketan: You mean the spectrum analyzer?