Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Booties! Not the Knitted Kind.

(This post contains unsolicited Miata content. Please feel free to skip it.)

When I purchased Mia, her interior looked like this:

I replaced the red-stitched, black-leather Mazdaspeed shift knob with a 400-gram, stainless-steel, aftermarket part in an effort to smooth out the shifting. That downside to this change was the that the knob no longer matched Mia's schmancy Mazdaspeed steering wheel and parking brake handle:

While browsing around a mazdaspeed-miata-specific forum, I discovered Redline Accessories, a little business in Poland, of all places, that makes leather bits for a large number of cars and trucks: shift boots, brake-lever boots, armrests, and so on. Redline offers a wide array of leather colors and thread colors, and they will assemble their goods with leather stripes, panels, or piping using multiple rows or colors of thread, whatever you want. So, as I'm sure you've guessed, I ordered up a black leather shift boot with a double row of red thread. The boot arrived after about a week---pretty fast from central Europe. The boot seemed to be quite well made; certainly it was much more solidly assembled than the flimsy, vinyl stock part. Here's the result of the installation:

I think the boot ties the wheel, brake, and shifter together very well, and the stainless knob now parallels the silver button on the brake lever. Here's a photo of the entire cockpit that gives you some idea of all the red bits in this car:

Anyway, if you are into this kind of thing, I encourage you to give Redline's site a visit

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