Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Mikies: Firefly/Serenity Ed

Welcome, gentle reader, to the third aperiodic Michael Awards for Excellence in Whatever He Darn Well Feels Like. In this edition, I'll be considering Joss Whedon's tragically short-lived Firefly and its theatrical continuation, Serenity. (Note: This post contains significant spoilers.)

Creepiest villain, single: Adelei Niska.
Creepiest villain, multiple: Reavers.
Most attractive character: Kaylee.
Most attractive client of Inara's: the Councilor
Prettiest twin: Fanty.
Most dangerous Serenity crewmember: River.
Serenity crewmember who kills the largest number of unarmed people: Mal.
Funniest character, laughing with: Wash.
Funniest character, laughing at: Jayne.
Best couple: Wash and Zoe.
Most amusing love interest of Mal's: Saffron.
Most drunk-seeming actor: Jonathan M. Woodward.*
Most touching death: Wash.
Most sudden but inevitable betrayal: Allosaurus.
Best place to look for Jayne: his bunk.
Best place to find out what going mad feels like: Canton.
Best song: "The Hero of Canton."
Most difficult episode to watch: "Out of Gas."
Best episode: "Jaynestown."
Most intriguing thread left unfinished: Book's backstory.
Recurring character I would most like to see more of:  Saffron.
Shiniest gorram ship in the ruttin' 'verse: Serenity.

*Woodward is one of what Whedon calls his "hat tricks:" actors who appeared in Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.

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  1. Most attractive character, best song, best episode...we think alike, my friend ;) I dunno, tho, Mingo's pretty too...