Saturday, March 08, 2008

Newton Returns

I'm embarrassed to admit that we haven't posted any photos of Newton in quite some time. I mean, what's a blog without unsolicited pet pics? I believe this deficiency has come about because Alison is posting all our Newton stories and images to the dog forum she frequents. As you probably guessed, this post is designed to address the urgent need for more puppy pics on increasingly inaccurately named Industrial-Strength Science. So, here you go:

Hey hey hey, Michael, go poin poin point that thing at someone else. I'm tire tired.

No no no. Seriously, man. I'm take take takin' a nap here.

Nyom nyom nyom. Oh, sock sock socks are the best.

Oh, hey hey hey. Is this yours? 'Cause cause cause, it's real real really good.

Nyom nyom nyom.

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