Monday, March 03, 2008

White is The New Black

Has anyone noticed this trend in the last 3 years or so? Everything that used to be considered coolest in black---electronics, cars, bike bits,* the Stig---is now continually popping up in white. I'm not certain I approve of this trend.

* Grip tape, saddles, shoes, shorts, even tires.

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  1. I am most adamantly opposed to this trend, and I blame it all on Apple. (Of course, I'm pretty happy to blame Apple for everything bad that I can't blame religious zealotry or Republicans, but here, I think it's valid.) It goes something like this: The first iPods were white. iPods are "cool" and "hip" and "trendy" (/mournful sigh). Therefore, if I want my product to be cool, I'll make it white. It's something like the chain of reasoning that led Sir Bedevere to conclude that a witch weighs the same as a duck.