Friday, March 14, 2008

New Rubber

This post is another update on my new MX-5. If you'd rather not wade through the prose, you're certainly welcome to scroll down to the photographs. If you have no interest in the latest news on Mia, perhaps you should skip this post entirely.

As planned I put new tires on the Miata. The stock tires were Toyo Proxes 205/40R17; the new ones are Yokohama 215/40ZR17. This seems to be a popular model and size with the Mazdaspeed Miata owners on Plus, they are Japanese, which seems appropriate. There are a host of pluses and minus associated with the new, larger size. I won't bore you by listing them---well, maybe later---but I will say that I'm pretty happy with them so far. Here are a trio of photos of Mia with her new shoes. These shots also show her in her natural condition: top down.

In other Mia news, I've taken to parking with the fancy cars at the far reaches of the largest lot at the lab where I work. Most days, there are a (Z4) M Coupe, a Z4 convertible, an M3, and an RX8 parked at the end of the rows in that corner. My little Miata is probably feeling a bit self-conscious in that company. I happened to have my camera with me a couple of days ago; here is a photo of Mia with one of her friends from work.

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