Monday, March 17, 2008

Knitting Update

Well, here is my promised update on my knitting projects. In getting the pictures ready for this post, I realized that I have done quite a lot of knitting recently! Here are some of my favorite recent projects:

Baby Booties

Two of my friends have had baby boys recently, so I made two pairs of these adorable baby booties. Seriously, could these honestly be any cuter? I think not. I also made a matching hat for one of them. The other got this toy elephant that I knitted. It was kind of a challenge, but it turned out really well. I was quite proud, but stupidly did not take a picture of it before sending it off to the recipient. Oh well!

The Purple Sweater

I started knitting this and it was going so well! I had finished all the pieces, blocked them, I had sewn the front and back together and knitted the collar. Then I went to sew on the sleeves, and I made a small mistake. The sleeve was on kind of crooked. No big deal! I lifted up the piece of yarn I had used to sew the sleeve on and snipped it, causing the sleeve to come off neatly so I could do it again. Except...that's not at all what happened. The front and the sleeve started to unravel! I had snipped the WRONG PIECE OF YARN. I am still really annoyed with myself about this, so I have not yet gone back to fix it. I'm warming up to the idea, but now it's spring and I won't get to wear it until next year. FRUSTRATING. Honestly, though, it shouldn't be such a big deal. It is knitted with really chunky yarn, so it knits up very quickly. Also, I get to use these giant needles that make me feel like a tiny child. Check it out:

What on earth is this thing? It smells like a knitting needle, but it's WAY TOO BIG to be that!

The Shawl

I began knitting this for my grandmother, but now I'm worried that the colors aren't her at all. When it was not yet knitted, the yarn looked like it had lots more green in it, but now it seems mostly yellow. Oh well...I guess we'll see what she thinks. This project suffered from a minor setback, too. At some point I actually looked at my work and I realized that I had switched sides at some point. What I mean is that there is a front and a back to this garment (one side looks like it's inside out), and halfway through I had switched, so both sides had, well, both sides on them. It was not good. So, I had to un-knit about half of it (why couldn't I have noticed earlier? *sigh*). I managed to salvage some of my work, though, which was good. This is a lot of the same stitch over and over, though, so I took a short break and I am now working on this:

My First Socks!

Check it out! I have one and a ...uh...third?...socks! Socks are kind of a big deal among knitters. Everyone seems to think they're really hard to do, but after you have knitted a small toy elephant, socks are not so big and bad. I have enjoyed knitting these...the contrast from the sweater is pretty funny. If it felt like I was knitting with railroad ties on that project, these needles feel like toothpics!

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I think I might try to knit some more exciting socks next time...some kind of fancy pattern, maybe. I have decided that I like socks!

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