Friday, June 29, 2007

(American) Life on Mars

As if we haven't already noticed,* more evidence** has arrived indicating that the American television industry is running out of (new) ideas. ABC is producing the pilot episode of an American remake of the successful British sci-fi detective series Life on Mars. The British series looks quite interesting, but I don't see why US networks feel the need to remake British series*** rather than simply airing the orignal versions; I guess they must believe that Americans cannot cope with international accents.

What's next, an American Doctor Who? If you have any doubt that such a series would suck, you should know that the sub-par Who telefim, sometimes called Enemy Within, was a joint production of the Beeb and Universal Television.

* How many backstabbing reality shows are there on the box these days anyway?
** I hope to put up even more evidence later today.
*** See also the American remake of Coupling.

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