Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Primary And General Election Polling Results

The 'Pedia has some informative articles summarizing the opinion-poll results related to the Democratic presidential primary, Republican presidential primary, and presidential election. Here're my summaries of the summaries:
  • Democratic primary: Clinton has lead from the get-go. Obama consistently finishes second, about 15 points behind. Gore does surprisingly well, given that he hasn't campaigned or even entered the race.
  • Republican primary: Giuliano usually leads, but Thompson occasionally sneaks ahead.
  • Presidential election: In two-way contests, Clinton usually beats all the Republicans, though Giuliani sometimes bests her. Interestingly, Gore also usually beats the Republicans, though he is also sometimes beaten by Giuliani. Obama, meanwhile, consistently looses to Giuliani.

Incidentally, I think it'd be hilarious if Clinton is nominated and selects Gore as her running-mate. All the Dems who never scraped the "Clinton-Gore '92" and "'96" stickers off their bumpers will be glad for their procrastination.

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