Thursday, June 28, 2007

Turkish Get-Ups Get Me Down

I did this workout last night. (My warm-up was different, though.) This is the first time I've really done Turkish get-ups,* and let me tell you: they are challenging. It's the moment of inertia that does you in. The entire load is held at arm's length overhead, and most of it is also suspended way out on the ends of the bar; the combination is a real challenge for all the stabilizing muscles in your shoulder. I also noticed this morning that your upper abdominals get a bit of a workout from the bottom part of this exercise.

For the record, I used pretty pansy weights, since I wasn't sure how much the TGUs would beat me up.
  • Dumbbell hang clean and press: 53 pounds.
  • Turkish get-up: 45 pounds (an unloaded Olympic bar).
  • Weighted pullup: 35 pounds.

* Search for the slide show here.

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