Friday, June 01, 2007

Newton vs. Dubya

I think Newon won!

I bought this toy for Newton on a whim at this specialty dog store in Fell's Point a few weeks ago. It is HILARIOUS. We get neverending entertainment out of watching Newton carry our president around by his cowboy boots and chew on his head. You wil frequently hear us saying things like, "Oh, that looks uncomfortable for Dubya...good boy!" The toy has all kinds of funny things on it, like a sign taped to the doll's back saying, "If found, return to the white house", and a book in the back pocket that reads, "English as a second language." Hee!


  1. That's awesome. I'd get one for Mugsy, but he destroys stuff like that so quickly.

  2. One advantage of Newton is that he's not what exactly the strongest chewer. This means that we don't have to be careful not to buy him toys labeled "NOT FOR STRONG CHEWERS" and such.