Friday, June 08, 2007

But Who will Play You in Our Movie?

I'm sure you've often thought to yourself, "Self, when Hollywood finally gets around to making Team Grondul: The Motion Picture, who will play Alison and Michael?"

Well, Alison has long thought that she'd like Reese Witherspoon to play her, not because the two bear any particular resemblance to each other, but because Witherspoon is cute and spunky. I guess I can't argue with that reasoning or conclusion. Plus, Witherspoon can act. See?

Meanwhile, a couple of years ago, Duff pointed out that I bear a strong resemblance, to musician, spoken-word artist, author, TV host, and actor, Henry Rollins. Duff was quite right. I mean, check this guy out. He looks just like I do on my driver's license, which is to say just like me, but irritated.

So, those of you who might also appear as a supporting character in TG:TMP, whom would you choose to play you in that epic, sure-to-be-award-winning dramedy, which, we can only hope, will be directed by Joss Whedon?

By the way, the sequel shall be called Grondulspawn: The Scions of Grondul.

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  1. Newton told me to post the following:

    I-I-I-I can play me. I-I-I know how to play. I-I play really well. And-and-and plus, I'm really cute. People-people-people tell me all the time. So-so-so lots of people will go to the movie to-to-to see me. 'Spe-'spe-'specially the crucial 18-to-34 demographic. Yeah-yeah, they really like puppies. And they have lots of disposable income. Yeah. See, I-I-I read a lot when-when-when Michael and Alison are gone. And-and-and I play.

    Do-do-do you want to play now? Le-Let's play.